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The main services provided by Travia are the following:

  • The services above can be supplemented by various ancillary services ?i products,so that the client should benefit of the most inclusive services.

    Thus, if you need the sworn translation of an official document, such as a diploma or a certificate, Travia not only that provides you with the actual translation, but also attends to the notarization of that translation.

    If you need to have translated a document that contains charts and other layout elements, Travia provides you, in addition to the translation services, also with scanning, digital processing of the existing images or accurate rendering of the original layout, so that the resulting translation document should look like the source document.

    To find out more about the main services, please access the sections Translation, Language Interpretation and Foreign Language Courses.

    If you would like details regarding the supplementary services, please access the sections Products sau Ancillary Services.