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The translation endeavour entails more than proficient knowledge of a foreign language. In many circumstances, the translation activity requires a thorough research of terminologies from the most varied fields and understanding their meaning not only in one, but in two or even more languages.


This section aims at assisting such demanding work by offering recommendations, information and other resources useful to translators and language professionals.


The criteria based on which we structured our endeavours are, according to their importance, the following:

We select and classify such international and/or national institutions, associations or bodies based on solid criteria, such as reputation, reliability and scope. Where we identify several equivalents, proposed by various institutions, associations or bodies, we analyze them, granting priority to those advanced by the institutions, associations or bodies classified in accordance with the previous criteria.

The equivalence is established based on the definitions of those terms in the source, respectively target languages.

Definitions are obtained from reliable sources.

The equivalence of phrases and expressions as a whole do not necessary entail the equivalence of their component terms.

It is possible that a term in the source language has no semantic equivalent in the target language.

In this case, we identify the closest approximation, by using linguistic translation of that term, partial equivalents adjusted or by reference to a third language.

This procedure could lead to under or overtranslation.



We shall try to present the most relevant results of the investigation process, accompanied by our recommendations.